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During an afternoon at the Huddersfield Rifle Club I noted that my groups had started to open up considerably on my Remington 700 AICS

A review of the barrel indicated that the rifling had been completely removed in several places (8,000 rounds in 18 months) 

Mik from Dolphin guns kindly re-built it for me using a  Barnard action, Kreiger 1 in 13 barrel, Jewel HVR trigger, Nightforce 12-42*56 scope, Dolphin Trakker F T/R bipod & the original AICS Stock

Initial strip to remove the parts no longer required

The new Krieger 1 in 13 barrel

Barnard action fitted prior to proofing

Krieger barrel back from proofing & with fluting now cut


Connect the barrel to the action

Re-assemble the stock

Connect the action to the stock

Connect the scope rail to the action

Verify operation of assembled parts, 2 weeks before the next competition so time for a cuppa rosie

Safe & sound back home

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