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About the Club

Formed in 1945, the club's earliest activities were practice with the military service rifle at Parlington Park, Aberford, which was used as a tank store during the Second World War. Later the club moved to Hawksworth Range near Ilkley where members continued to practice with military fullbore rifles and pistols, although the emphasis began to change to sporting competitions both individual and against other clubs. In the late 1980s Hawksworth Range was closed and Leeds SRC shifted its "home base" to the large Strensall complex near York, and to Baildon near Bradford for short range indoor shooting. The club now competes with Sheffield and Huddersfield for the major county cups the Astor and Bingham Shield, and several Leeds members appear regularly for the County team.

Current Activites

The club provides opportunity for members to practice and compete in matches in a variety of disciplines: Target Rifle and F class, bench rest, service and sporting rifle, short range carbine. Regular home and away matches are organised against clubs across Yorkshire and Lancashire. A twice yearly club trip to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley is organised, to include long range shooting up to 1000yds.

Membership and Further Details

Membership of Leeds SRC would suit someone living in the Leeds/Bradford/York/North Yorkshire region who would like to develop skills in competitive target shooting in the disciplines mentioned. Contact the YRA with your personal details and these will be passed on to the Leeds secretary.

Baildon Days

A once monthly shoot is held at Baildon RC's 25yd range on Saturdays commencing at 0930hrs. The range comprises club room and covered firing points, suitable for carbine or gallery rifle.

Strensall Days

Bookings at Strensall (Military TA range) take place about 15 times throughout the year, subject to availability, at weekends. They are all-day events starting at 0800hrs and finishing about 1500hrs. A club rifle is available for beginners to use under supervision by a qualified club instructor. All beginners must attend a registered guest day and new members must serve a probationary period of 6 months before being approved by committee to become a full member.

Strensall Range Control

When no shooting is in progress access can be gained via a track located at 300 yards, when the ranges are in use a path located at 600 yards must be used

Butts access lane

All equipment such as targets etc is taken to the butts on flatbed railway carriages, sentries carrying red flags must be positioned at the extremities of the butt party whilst travelling 


As the bar required to lift the target is located at ground level when marking, it is advisable to remember a 4mtr length of thick rope with handles at each end 

A-D ranges from 600 yard path

A range at 300 yards

A range at 600 yards


The Strensall range can be found here



The Leeds Service Rifle Members attend an event at Bisley twice per year, the below photographs were taken in April 2012

A bit cold & soggy, but its still fun

And after a long day having fun in the field, it's back for a wonderful dinner in the Army club



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