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Euro Tactical is Based in Plumieux in Brittany

Whether you are are new to the sport & are looking for basic safety & proficiency skills or are ex-forces and are looking for a top up on your training before taking on a CP role, if you get the chance to spend some time training with these guys it is well worth it as former Royal Marines Commandos they are true professionals.

They have the rare gift of both having the in depth knowledge of each item of equipment and how to use it safely and correctly plus the ability to pass that knowledge on.

They have the true teachers ability to get into the students mind and determine the best way to assist with a solution to an issue even before the student has realised that the issue exists    

Further information can be found by following their URL on the links page. 

They also run a private shooting club at the range Eurotir22 Plumieux further information on this can also be found via the links page

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