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Batch testing with my Howa 1500 .243 Hunting Rifle January 2011
A very good day as I met a local hunter on the range who invited me to join him on his land where the rifle was christened with a fallow doe
An Black Powder afternoon on Wyman's

Bisley 600 yard Electronic Marker on Century
I thought that it would be interesting to video a few shots to show the usage of an electronic marker but then discovered the first round had not loaded correctly


F Class - 600 yards Century
Target Rifle - 600 yards Century
Still deciding the type of shooting I wanted to get in to so no sling or jacket at this point
Bisley Open Day 2008
Military museum demonstration of semi & full auto firearms - AK47, H&K G3, Glock 17, MG 42
Bisley Open Day 2008 - Stickledown
The Bisley annual firework display 2008
An event not to be missed, especially from the roof of the London & Middlesex Rifle Club


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