The intention of this site is to display information that I have picked up from a myriad of sources during my learning experience with both rimfire & fullbore rifles & pistols. Putting all of the information in one place enables it to be passed on making life easier for other people wishing to enter the sport

Some of it has been received from reading information on other websites, books or magazines, some from attending training courses and the rest from the history lessons you receive whilst waiting to shoot from the old soldiers who tell you about the equipment they used in various campaigns plus give you occasional insights into the horrors of doing it for real.

I therefore have no idea as to the original source of most of the information, it is a combination of a brain dump a translation of piles of scribbled notes and a photo collection taken along the journey.

I have also created pages for the clubs of which I am a member in order to provide an insight into the facilities available.

Whilst I am deciding what to display here I hope that you enjoy the photo’s.