This is a part of the range that a lot of people do not see or understand, so with bullets flying overhead shooters either imagine that it is dark, dangerous & mysterious or that the markers are sitting in comfort with tea, coffee & portable TV’s for when they get really bored. Reality as always is neither of these options.

Right hand entrance to Century butts next to Siberia
The tunnel which is the left hand entrance to the Century buts by Jennies, note the netting to catch wastage from clays & shot
Entrance to Siberia buts
  • The process for loading your target is quite simple
    • Find one that is not too damaged
    • Load it onto your allocated firing point frame (the numbers are under the mantle) top first & then use the wooden locking blocks
    • Use the black & white patches provided to you by the range officer to cover any existing bullet holes
    • At the bottom of the metal frame you will notice a metal bar that is preventing the mechanism from rising up, just move this to one side and lift, the counterbalance does the rest
    • Take your shots and return for some more patching
Short Siberia target frames