Radio Codes

Your conversation always starts off with your firing point number, for example if you are on Century at 600 yards you may be using 58, you are just about finished setting up & want the target brought up so that you can get into your firing position.

The conversation may go something like “58 to butts”,  “58 receiving”,  “message 1″,  ” message 1 received”

You can then start shooting, the only code that can have some ambiguity is message 10 as most people use this to indicate that shooting has finished for the period so when it is used do not stand around too long or you may find that your marker has gone home

The code list

  1. Firing about to commence (get your ears on, raise the target, let battle commence)
  2. No spotting disk visible (we shot at the target but maybe it was missed?)
  3. Spotting disc unmistakably disagrees with signalled value. Check the spotting disc shows last shot and signal it’s correct value. Range Conducting Officer is to view target before passing message
  4. A shot has been fired but no signal has been made. Examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss
  5. Firer has challenged for a higher value for his shot. Examine the whole target and signal the correct value 
  6. Radio the number of hilts as Score Board figures are not clear (Service Rifle and Cadets only)
  7. Miss has been signalled but firer has challenged for a scoring shot. Re-examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss
  8. Firer has challenged his score. Re-examine the target and show the correct number and the value of shots
  9. Marking / shooting appears to be unduly slow. Butt / Range Conducting Officer to check and correct where necessary
  10. Stand easy, half mast the target (this command is used when shooters fall back to another firing point, it is also used to close up & go home for the day so make sure that your marker knows what is going on)
  11. It is suspected that the wrong shot hole has been patched out. Butt officer is to consult marker and confirm correct value. (This message should only be sent after a Message 4 or a Message 7) 
  12. Stand easy, lower target and patch out but be ready to put the target back up (popular command as it gives the marker time for the loo or a quick fag break)
  13. Blow off shots are about to be fired (Match Rifle only). Ensure that all targets are fully lowered until Message 1 is given
  14. It is suspected that there is a second shot on target: inspect the target and indicate any further shot found in addition to the shot presently shown