.308 Barnard F-Class Rifle

During an afternoon at the Huddersfield Rifle Club I noted that my groups had started to open up considerably on my Remington 700 AICS

A review of the barrel indicated that the rifling had been completely removed in several places (8,000 rounds in 18 months)

Mik from Dolphin guns kindly re-built it for me using a Krieger 1 in 13 barrel, Jewel HVR trigger, Nightforce 14-42*56 scope. Dolphin Tracker F T/R bipod & the original AICS stock

Initial strip to remove parts no longer required & allocate new parts
New Krieger 1 in 13 barrel
Barnard action fitted prior to proofing
Barrel back from proofing with fluting cut to aid with heat dissipation & strengthening
Components ready for assembly
Connect the barrel to the action
Re assemble the stock
Connect the action to the stock
Connect the scope rail to the action
Mount the scope
Final operation check
Safe & sound back home in time for the next competition