Sight Adjustment

Below is a spreadsheet compiled as a base from which adjustments can then be made for your rifle, remember that if your scope is not calibrated in .25MOA per click then you will need to completely re build everything but it will give you the general idea.

To confuse things there are are also two types of adjustment on the market at the moment but depending on which type you have there is a simple way of remembering so that you so not have to look at the dials each time

CLAD Clockwise for Left And Down (this is the most popular)

CRAP Clockwise for Right And Up

An example of a mildot scope which you may place on a hunting rifle
An example of what you will see through dioptre or “Iron” sights most commonly used in “Prone” shooting or on “Classic” rifles
When having issues with estimating the wind on Stickledown one afternoon a friend passed me the document below, it has been in the front of my score book ever since