Bisley NRA

Bisley is the home of shooting in the UK

Until a few years ago they used to run open days twice a year where under close supervision to ensure safety “non shooters” could come onto site to experience what it was all about. Through experiencing this they were able to discover that the shooting fraternity were not as weird as they may have been portrayed.
In addition to this rimfire shooters who were not NRA members could come and take their first step into full bore experiencing numerous disciplines to give them an idea of which direction they would like to go prior to joining up and making the application for a change to their FAC. Unfortunately the popular press and politicians who have no idea what they are talking about have conspired to change the law so that this can no longer take place.

Stickledown 1,200 yards
Practicing prone discipline on Siberia range
Practicing with .357 carbine on Wymans range
Historical display items at open day event
Historical display items at open day event
Rimfire shooter being introduced to full bore at an open day
Section 5 demonstration under supervision of a senior NRA RCO