For Sale

Most of the items displayed below are also advertised on Guntrader, if you wish to make an offer please email Dan@My308.Com

Collection recommended on all purchases to reduce costs. Further reductions available on large purchases 5% discount on purchases over £150.00 10% discount on purchases over £300 (does not include shipping which will be included at cost)

Stainless Steel Workbench (this item does not dismantle so will require collection in a van or trailer) £50.00
9 Gun safe. Large enough F class rifles with 30″ barrels H: 137.5cm W: 60.5cm D: 35.5cm (due to its size this item is not suitable for postage) £75.00
Range box & trolley. This is ideal for carrying everything from the car to multiple firing points and will hold your rifle & range mat on the rear, the box can then be used for storing your ammo, score book, pens, ammo, lunch, drinks, 1st aid kit for you & the rifle, wet weather gear etc. It is also nice to be able to sit comfortably between shoots when others are having to sit on wet grass or snow (due to its size this item is not suitable for postage) £45.00
The handle is padded with astro turf to help with carrying loads of gear on long journeys over rough ground
Flat Point Jacket (FPJ) are actually FMJ bullets with flat nose. These bullets are designed to improve the stopping power of the FMJ bullets and also to prevent bullets activating each other when loaded in a tube under a rifle.

Technical Information
•Caliber: 38
•Bullet Weight: 158 Grains
•Bullet Style: FPJ
•Bullet Diameter: 0.3555″

Cost £16.00 per 100 + postage (£4 per 100). £384.00 + postage £45.00 for all 2,400 heads
100 round bullet storage boxes, used once for displaying items for sale. Price does not include the .357 brass which has already been sold. £5.00 each + postage approx. £3 each – 4 currently remaining
HPS shooting glove £5.00 + postage

500 small pistol primers boxed + 100 loose £10.00 – FAC to be shown on collection to confirm entitlement. Please note that if you wish these to be posted they can only be sent to your local RFD
Nearly new auto prime £25.00 + postage
Nearly new Lee .357 die kit including sleeves for press £30.00 + postage
Pistol cleaning materials £5.00 + postage